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Affordable Treasures Bath Products

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bp310 bath salts (16 oz. ) $8.50 Scents are your choice.
This bath treatment combines mineral-rich dead sea salts and epsom salts to help sore muscles and
clear toxins from your system. Packaged in Oriental Style containers.

bp310a Bath Salts in tubes(single bath serving) $1.50 each
Available in sensual, invigorating, lavender, sandalwood, stress relief, cranberry 4/$5.50

bp320 Milk bath powder ( 16 oz.by volume) $8.50 Scents are your choice.
When this milk and oat based product is added to your bath it will provide a cleansing and calming experience. Packaged in Oriental Style Containers

bp320a Milk Bath in tubes(single bath) $1.50 each
Available in Exotic, Floral, Lilac, Lavender, Calming, Peppermint. 4/$5.50  

bp325 Relaxing Lavender Bath Tea $5.99
A wonderful sea salt mixture that contains lavender, chamomile and roses placed in a tea bag. Put it under the warm running water of your bathtub to release the properties of these fine ingredients.

bp510 1 oz. Bath Fizzies $1.00 see below
Pop one or two of these in your bath and watch the fizz release skin softening oils and fragrance.
Mix or Match: cranberry spice, lavender, lilac, stress relief, calming or vanilla.

lb400 50 grams Lotion Bar $7.00 no additional scent
lb400a 15 grams Lotion Bar $7.00 in sets of two
Lotion in the form of a bar. Contains 5 wonderful oils including cocoa butter and emu oil because of their reported moisturizing qualities. Lavender and rosemary are added because they are known for their healing capabilities.

Easy to carry with you. Goes on oily but sinks into your skin giving long-lasting softening results. I use this and the Body Butter from head to toe. My body thanks me and rewards me with beautifully soft skin. Order yours today. You will be glad you did.

lb450 8 oz. Hand & Body Butter $28.50
lb450a 4 oz. Hand & Body Butter $15.00
lb450b 2 oz. Hand & Body Butter $8.50
Contains the same wonderful combination of oils as in our lotion bar but packaged in a thick moisturizing cream. In fact we take the lotion bar as the base for this body butter. Luxurious is what it has been called. This is a long lasting cream. A very little goes a long way.

gel001 Large Shower Gel $10.00 Pick from our list of scents.

Have fun with this gel. Ever wanted chocolate scented gel? We can do it. How about Grape, Lavender, Lilac, Mimosa? We've got it. Added moisturizers will make you love this stuff.

bp520 Salt Glow Body Bar $8.50

lb-bp Beautiful Feet Combo Set (1 Lotion Bar, 1 Peppermint Salt Glow Body Bar) $15.00

Have you enjoyed the salt scrubs at the local health spa? Then you will love our salt glow body bars. They contain a fantastic combination of soap, moisturizing oil, dead sea salt and essential oils. Use to clean and smooth those difficult areas of your skin heels, knees and elbows). This two sided bar has one side for cleansing and the other is for massaging. Do not use on broken or inflamed skin. Not designed for facial cleansing. Available in Peppermint, Invigorating, Stress Relief and Lavender.

When I first started using this bar I had the worst looking heels in the world. I faithfully used this bar on my heels, elbows and knees for 7 days straight and then 3 times a week thereafter. I have feet and heels that look like they belong to a 20 year old, well maybe I should say a 29 year old. They are smooth and soft. I also use the lotion bar on them after the shower. The combination of the two made the rough areas much smoother.

bp530 Nail Butter $2.50
Massage a small amount into your cuticles and nails for nourishment and softening. Contains Vitamin E and Avacado oil. Do not use on broken or inflamed skin.

bp531 Lip Balm $2.50
Massage a small amount into your lips for nourishment and softening. Contains Vitamin E. Do not use on broken or inflamed skin. Available in peppermint, wintergreen and unscented

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