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Affordable Treasures Glycerin Based Products

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Product ID Item price comment

mp250 4+ oz. bar of glycerin-based soap $4.25 scent choices
Eliminates the dryness experienced when using commercial soap. The glycerin
draws water to the skin.

mp251 4 oz. Oatmeal with Lavender Essential Oil Soap $4.00
Oats are healing grains that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They have been reported to sooth
sensitive skin, moisturize dry skin and relieve itching, irritation and inflammation. Lavender
essential oil is known for its healing and anti-bacterial properties

mp252 3 oz. Tea Tree Oil Soap $4.00
Tea Tree oil is known for its capabilities in treating athlete's foot and blemishes.
It has also been used for its deodorant capabilities.

mp254 3 oz. Fisherman's Soap $4.00
Use before going fishing & on fishing equipment. The anise scent is said to attract
fish to your line.

mp253 3.0 oz. Citronella and Thyme $4.00
Citronella is known as an insect repellent - perfect gardener's soap


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