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Infused Herbal Oil

by Beverly F. Jones
Copyright December 2, 1998


This recipe is designed to create a very strong infusion of herbs into the oil.  

1. Fill a quart or larger canning jar to just below the brim with herbs. Be sure to pack tightly.
2. Add 1 oz of vodka or everclear to the jar.
3. Fill the rest of the air space with the oil of your choice until just beneath the brim (do not overflow). I use olive.
4. Heat four (4) minutes in the microwave oven or until just bubbly (not rolling bubbles).
5. Put on canning lid tightly and shake until thoroughly mixed. Canning jar will seal when oils and jar cool.
6. Set in a cool dark room for two to three (2 - 3) weeks shaking daily to distribute oil and vodka.
7. At the end of two weeks open jar and strain the thick green oil into a separate canning jar and label.
8. Place the herbs back into the original canning jar and add more herbs if necessary.
9. Again add 1 oz. of vodka and fill to just below the brim with oil of your choice. Follow steps four through 7 adding infused oil to previous jar.
10. You could possibly chop up the herbs very fine and use in soap.

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