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Affordable Treasures Custom Scenting

For glycerin soap, bath salts, milk bath and other noted products
you may choose your scents from the following list (may be custom blended):

bay rum cucumber cranberry
apple baby powder banana
peach chocolate cinnamon
vanilla cranberry coffee / cappuccino
Egyptian Sandalwood Arabian Sandalwood Sunshine Spice
carnation wintergreen gardenia
honeydew peppermint lavender
lemon citrus refresher lettuce
lilac Egyptian Musk
plum spice grape rosemary
sandalwood berrywine rose
spearmint Wisteria Secret Garden
Stress-relief green tea
Midnight Rain violet
African Rain plum pudding
green apple pear almond Orange

(This list is constantly changing and expanding)

or provide your own scents to be added to the bath item/s of your choice.

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